Juern Technology Joins the American Subcontractor’s Association (ASA) of San Antonio, Texas 

Neal Juern, CEO/President and Bella Humphries, Business Development Manager of Juern Technology with fellow Membership Committee member Nick Metcalf at February 2019 ASA Mixer (Alamo Café, San Antonio)


Juern Technology is honored to announce that as of February 2019 they are proud members of the American Subcontractor’s Association of San Antonio.

There's no shortage of tech companies in San Antonio.  We have ambitious start-ups and bigger guys whose bank roll can buy an entire retired mall, and whose reach stretches comfortably across a nation of tech-hungry, The North Face-wearing, money-making machines.  But how many of those tech companies in San Antonio make it their mission to serve and protect construction businesses like yours?


“We joined the ASA to get in touch with the industry...We know IT but we don’t know their business, we want to know what it’s like for them so we can fill the need better.” 

- Neal Juern, President/CEO, Juern Technology


As one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing cities in the US, San Antonio's construction industry is buzzing with growth and to better understand the growing pains of their valued customers, Juern Technology decided to join the ASA.  Additionally, President and CEO, Neal Juern and Business Development Specialist, Bella Humphries serve as members of the ASA Membership Committee.


What Juern Technology is bringing to the ASA

Educating and training the San Antonio construction community about cybersecurity is an initiative Juern Technology is taking leadership on within the ASA.  Neal Juern’s presentation on “How NOT to Be A Sitting Duck” teaches professionals tips about cybersecurity basics and best practices like this one:

Cybersecurity Tip: Check the links in your emails before you click them!
Hovering over links in suspicious emails is a great way to check if the email is dangerous.
When you hover over a link it will show you the URL link that it will send you to when you click on it.  If the URL link looks long and messy, it is probably a dangerous email.  If the URL link is a link to something you know it shouldn’t be, don't click on it, it is probably a dangerous email.  Stay vigilant!

Learn more about CYBERSECURTY >

At Juern Technology we specializes in San Antonio construction businesses and help them stay on schedule and stay connected to their data, both in the office and in the field with our managed IT services.  Our thought leadership in Information Technology will further advance the construction community and ASA toward long term stability and growth.


Want to join the American Subcontractor’s Association or need IT services for your construction business?

Call Neal Juern or Bella Humphries at (210) 320-0400 to learn how.


Are you a General Contractor? Not to worry, you can get involved with ASA too!

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