Office 365 migrationMaking the switch to Office 365 can be a confusing process with all the options Microsoft offers.

The first step is to determine if Office 365 is the right choice for you and your business.


Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Do you need the ability to scale licenses up or down and pay-as-you-go?

Do you need to work anywhere from any device?

Do you want a better way to communicate with your team on projects?

Do you want to save money by combining email hosting and Microsoft Licensing?

Do you want to get the most Office features for the best value?

If you answered yes to the questions above then you should definitely consider getting Office 365 for your Business.


How to Get Office 365

You have options when it comes to purchasing Office 365 for your business. You can either purchase your license directly from Microsoft or you can choose to purchase your license from a Microsoft Partner – usually your IT service provider.

Buying directly from Microsoft vs. Microsoft Partner – There is no difference in the service, it is still provided by Microsoft, however, the pricing can be more attractive by purchasing from a Microsoft Partner.

Benefits of Purchasing Office 365 from a Microsoft Partner:

  1. You can save on the monthly cost
  2. Combining Microsoft Office license and email hosting is usually a better value.
  3. Migrating your email from a third party (Rackspace, Google, IMAP/POP3) can give you more features for less.

from left to right: Neal Juern (President/CEO Juern Technology), Laura Martinez, Isabella Humphries, Nick Metcalf, and Ryan Meredith.

Juern Technology (San Antonio managed IT services provider and Microsoft Partner) invited 20 San Antonio executives to their latest Executive Seminar “Demystifying Office 365: How to Work Better as a Team and Get More Done”, to find out which Office 365 plan was best for their business. President/CEO of Juern Technology, Neal Juern, broke down all of the plans offered by Office 365 and explained all the applications and services included in each plan. Those in attendance were most excited about Office 365’s instant messaging service called Teams.

Office 365

Microsoft Teams: Is a place to create and make decisions as a team. Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can collaborate, communicate and share files to get more done.


Instant Messaging Is Making a Huge Impact in Business Communication

We find that business instant messaging services, like Microsoft Teams, are the most efficient way to communicate within an organization.  This is largely due to the fact that this type of communication is closed off to spammers and has the ability to attached files and media. Other benefits of business instant messaging services like this are live video, organization, search function and team collaboration. Needless to say, these new business instant messaging services make 1997 AOL Instant Messenger want to cry.


What Else Is Great About Office 365 for My Business?

Microsoft and LinkedIn are now integrated – Did you know that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft? LinkedIn has been integrated with Microsoft Word and other Office 365 services like Outlook, SharePoint and OneDrive. This integration makes it possible to hover over a contact’s name and view information from that contact’s LinkedIn profile. Microsoft will also be evolving this integration to allow file sharing with LinkedIn contacts directly from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and SharePoint.

Office 365 syncs all your contacts, emails and calendar across all your devices – Microsoft Office 365 can even sync your tasks and notes across your devices as well. This might not seem like a big deal but it can be a huge game changer if you’ve never had it before.

Simultaneously edit documents in real-time with your team – Collaborations are always up-to-the-minute when you can edit and co-author documents with your team members with absolutely no wait time in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. See the edits happen right before your eyes!


Here Are 3 Important Things to Remember:

  1. Office 365 needs to be backed up. You may think your data is being backed up and protected but the truth is, it is YOUR responsibility to back up your data and you must have a secure way to perform data back up and recovery.
  2. Make sure you get professional help when you’re ready to migrate to Office 365.
  3. Get training for your users. Having access to all these great Office 365 features is great, but training is important to really get the most from your Microsoft apps and services.


Still wondering if you should get Office 365 for your business? If you’re looking to purchase Office 365 for your organization so you can have access to your email and files on multiple devices where ever you go and Microsoft apps and services that make communicating with your team easy and efficient, then ask Juern Technology about their recommendations. Buying from Juern Technology can save you money on monthly costs versus buying directly from Microsoft by combining Microsoft Office license and email hosting. Let Juern Technology help you migrate your email from a third party (Rackspace, Google, IMAP/POP3) now so you can start getting more features for less. To see how much you can save by purchasing Office 365 with Juern Technology at a discounted price, simply call us at (210) 245-6900.


Thinking About Moving to Office 365 or Google Apps to Save Money and Get Rid of That Server in the Closet?

Don’t Until You Read This…

While we LOVE us some cloud computing, the reality is that SOME cloud solutions are NOT ideal for everyone. The lure of cheap computing and lower IT costs are a draw, but it’s not the bargain you think it to be if everything runs as slow as continental drift, you can’t recover your data or a hacker is able to access your network.

So, before you make the leap to cloud-based computing, give us a call. We can assess your computer network and the way you work to determine if all your applications, processes and systems WILL work safely, securely and efficiently in the cloud. Further, if you handle “sensitive” data such as credit cards, medical records, social security numbers, etc., we can arm you with the facts you need to know about cloud computing and data privacy and security. Of course, our goal is to recommend the safest, most effective solutions that will work the way you want without crushing your budget. So, call us today to see what’s possible for YOUR organization! (210) 245-6900