Hackers Are Easily Getting Into Your Network Through Your IoT Devices

Putting this one EASY protection in place will decrease your chances of becoming a victim of ransomware and other fatal cyber-attacks. WiFi-enabled devices are dangerous access points for hackers to enter your network. You might be missing something very important in your cybersecurity defense that could cost you EVERYTHING in your bank account. The good news is there’s a simple precaution you can take today to protect your data.

IoT Device Safety and Security by Juern Technology


Ok, So, What Are IoT Devices?

IoT stands for “Internet of Things” and when you hear the phrase “IoT device” it is usually referring to any device that is connected to a network through WiFi and has the ability to transfer data over that network. This means that any and every IoT device (or WiFi-enabled device) on your network is a “back door” left wide open for hackers to walk right in.


IoT Devices Are So Vulnerable Because:

  • They may not get regular software updates with critical security patches
  • There are no international compatibility standards for IoT devices
  • They probably are not protected by security agents that protect the rest of your network


Once Hackers Gain Access to Your Network They Can:

  • Impersonate employees through email to change banking information
  • Steal your client’s Personally Identifiable Information (name, social security number, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.)
  • Encrypt your files so you cannot access them unless you pay a ransom (ransomware)

A cybersecurity breach can go from bad to devistating REAL QUICK. Make sure to check all of your devices carefully and if you have more than a few IoT devices and need help securing them, we can help you determin all of your network access points and their level of security with a confidential Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.


How to Secure Your IoT Devices and Lower Your Risk of Cyberattack

You must ALWAYS connect IoT devices to your guest WiFi network (preferably with an advanced firewall), NOT your main WiFi. This step isolates the device from your main network and therefore can protect your network from the IoT devices’ vulnerabilities. 

If your IoT devices are connected to your main network (not your guest WiFi), then a cybercriminal could get access to your entire network if a device is breached. In short, they would own you. Additionally, you want to make sure you use a long and difficult password to secure your IoT device. We recommend using a password manager like LastPass to generate and remember your passwords (we go into detail about password managers in this blog post). Using a password manager allows you to use extremely secure passwords without having to remember any of them. You’ll just need to remember your password for your password manager. And don’t worry, these companies specialize in password management and make it their sole business to protect your passwords, so they’re much less likely to get breached. Unlike your internet browser where you’ve probably stored your passwords in the past, companies like LastPass and IT Glue are a secure option and can be trusted over other free services.

Smart Thermostats Are Easy Targets for Hackers


Here Are Some Examples of IoT Devices to Be Concerned About:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Baby monitors
  • Google Home devices (Voice, Hub, etc.)
  • Amazon Echo speakers
  • Smart outlet plugs
  • WiFi security cameras
  • Smart light switches
  • Digital postage machine
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart air quality monitors
  • Smart smoke alarms
  • Smart universal remotes


IoT Devices Have Many Advantages

The global market value for IoT devices is growing at an alarming rate and is expected to reach well into the trillions of dollars within the next decade. Embracing IoT devices like the ones listed above can save you time and money because these devices can be monitored from anywhere using a mobile app. Because IoT devices have the capacity for mobile management, they can reduce manual task time by scheduling and automating tasks for you.  Ask any successful person and they’ll tell you – automating processes is crucial to improving speed and efficiency within ANY organization. IoT devices are convenient devices that are gradually improving our quality of life, we just need to take the proper precautions to make sure they’re protected and secure.


Juern Technology gives away WiFi-enabled speaker door prize at lunch and learn

We give away Amazon’s Echo Dot internet-enabled speaker as a door prize at our cybersecurity lunch and learns.

because honestly, who couldn’t use more Amazon in their life? That is why, as a precaution, we remind our door prize winners to be cautious with devices that are connected to the internet – especially at work. So hopefully they won’t go right back to their desks to hook up their cool new speaker only to get much, much more than they bargained for.


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