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We’re in a new world now and we’re having to find solutions to things we’ve never had to deal with before, like DIY haircuts and knowing how to evaluate the productivity of your at-home employees now that most of us have at least some team members working remotely. Texas is slowly opening back up and some of us can finally get a much-needed professional haircut because even though some of our spouses do a decent job, that was an act of desperation and we know it – but hey, no worries. We get it, these ARE desperate times.

There are ways to monitor activity and restrict access on company devices that your employees use to work from home. What we’re finding is that many San Antonio business owners are taking a closer look at cutting expenses and raising productivity and efficiency which also has them wondering how to find out if unproductive employees are dragging them down. As we all know, it is unacceptable to deal with unproductive employees during normal times; but we are FAR from normal, and every company leader must be extremely prudent with overhead and costs while the economy is in crisis. We understand how frustrating it is to feel like your employee is just sitting at home and doing the minimum to get by. But the fact is, If you’re worried about employee productivity, chances are there was a productivity problem before the quarantine.

Some employers can easily tell if their employee is staying productive simply by looking at that employee’s work output, but other employers prefer a more in-depth analysis to track employee productivity so they can eventually shed the duds that are negatively impacting the company.

Here are 2 Ways To Keep Tabs On Employee Productivity:

  1. Monitor Activity
    Deploy spy software on company devices that gathers data on activity like what applications are being used (logging), how long an application is used for, and when they were used on those devices. This option is good for employers who suspect employees of not getting any work done and have no direct way of verifying their work. Spyware is also a good option for employers who want to monitor productivity and make sure their employees are not wasting time doing non-revenue generating tasks or working too slow because they are watching Netflix while they work. If you need to watch them like a hawk and need a clear picture of how employees utilize their time, this might be the best choice for you.
  2. Restrict Access
    Restrict access to time-sucking entertainment websites like music streaming sites, movie and show streaming sites, YouTube, social media platforms, or playing games. this is a good option for employers who don’t need to monitor everything their employees are doing but who want to make sure that they are not tempted with the distraction of non-work related websites. If you only care that the work gets done, but you would like to minimize distractions, this might be the right choice for you.


There are many reasons why an employee may be unproductive like, lack of motivation, trauma, maybe they’re stuck in overwhelm and frozen from taking action, or maybe they are experiencing legitimate technology issues that are preventing them from doing some or all of their work. If you think there may be a problem with an employee, it may be a good idea to start checking in with them more frequently and asking them how their day is going. Schedule status meetings to go over progress on goals and hold them accountable for working toward reaching those goals. Everyone is motivated differently, so as a leader it is your job to find out what motivates your team, you can usually tell if an employee is motivated by their behavior. For instance, if an employee starts making inappropriate remarks, that could be a sign that they are not motivated. Here’s a short quiz to see if your employee is motivated for success:


Is Your Employee Motivated?
Take This Mini-Quiz To Find Out.

You should be able to check off all items for your employee:

  • They meet their deadlines
  • They show up to work every day without excuses
  • They communicate with you regularly
  • They stay connected with colleagues
  • They are usually focused and in a good mood


Measuring productivity not only helps you understand labor efficiency, it improves it as well. You’ve heard the old cliche, “what gets measured, gets managed” and if you want to succeed, then you need an A-Team with high productivity to get you there. Businesses can no longer tolerate sub-par performance and must use this time to get lean and mean so they can come out of this mess, stronger than before.

“The teams that win are the teams that get the most productivity for every dollar of labor.” – Greg Crabtree, Simple Numbers


If you’re a mid-sized San Antonio business or organization with over 50 computers and you have questions about efficiency and productivity, give us a call today at (210) 245-6900 for a quick 10-min discovery call to go over any questions you may have about evaluating how employees are utilizing their time. Juern Technology is a San Antonio managed IT services and security firm specializing in technology solutions that save you time and money without breaking the bank. No other IT support and services company can touch our ability to offer innovative, reliable technology to help increase revenue, eliminate downtime, keep you SAFE from viruses, hackers, and other operational disasters like loss of sensitive data or losing access to critical electronic documents.