The Alamo

We Polled Our Community In Q2 (2020) To Find Out How Their Business Was Affected By The Pandemic And How They Plan To Move Forward And The Response Was Surprisingly Optimistic.



Do you anticipate losing MORE sales and revenue as the year goes on? 80% said, “No, we don’t anticipate any more losses.”

Do you plan to keep employees working from home after businesses reopen in Texas? 60% say that all employees will be asked to return to the office.

What is your single biggest concern right now in regards to keeping your business running for the remainder of 2020? 

  • Overcoming the fear that is rampant in the marketplace.
  • finding qualified employees
  • sustained momentum
  • Health and safety of our employees


How optimistic are you that the economy will recover THIS YEAR? 80% said they were “somewhat optimistic; the economy will probably recover towards the end of the year into next.”