Man stands in front of data center bank with laptop

Man stands in front of data center bank with laptop

How Co-Managed IT Services Save You Money

Are you feeling the pinch from the price of your current IT services?

If you answered yes to this question, you’re not alone.

From personnel fallout from the Great Resignation to the rising cost of IT professionals, you may be looking for solutions to decrease IT costs without sacrificing quality. 

We have options to support your IT needs and be budget-friendly.  

Let’s explore why co-managed IT services may be the solution to your IT woes, as well as the benefits that come along with this mode of managed ITl. 

First: What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

The term co-managed IT services refers to an IT model that relies on both internal and external resources to support an organization’s IT needs. 

Unique to each organization, there are numerous ways you can contract co-managed IT support to benefit your company. 

And while cost savings are an obvious benefit of this model, there are other perks that accompany looking to externally supplement your existing team.

Proactive Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than investing a ton of money in IT software and hardware only for it to become outdated in a matter of years. 

When you partner with a co-managed IT services provider, your existing system will be constantly assessed and update recommendations made. 

By proactively maintaining and elevating your systems, you eliminate the likelihood of having to do a complete overhaul as technology inevitably becomes outdated. 

Reduced Project Management Spend

Eliminating potential surprises from weighing down your budget is always a good thing. 

When you opt to contract with a co-managed IT services provider, you can set a finite financial allocation per project, allowing you to adhere to specific numbers and eliminate the need for an internal project manager. 

Lower Hardware and Software Costs 

When you partner with a co-managed IT services provider like Juern Technology, you can reduce the amount of technology infrastructure you maintain. By taking advantage of your partner’s available data centers and solutions, you can save on hardware, energy, licensing, and equipment, 

Co-Managed IT Services Save You Money and Is More Efficient 

Technology is vital to your organization’s daily functions, customer data safety, and ongoing success of your business. To ensure that your processes run smoothly, you need to ensure that you have an IT team you can count on. 

As technology continues to change and evolve rapidly, you also want to ensure that the co-managed IT services you partner with are ready to pivot and make structural and functional changes to meet your evolving business needs. 

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