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Embracing Thought Leadership: Neal Juern Featured in MSP Success Magazine

Juern Technology is proud to announce that CEO, Neal Juern was recently featured in an article about business success for MSP Success Magazine, a nationally distributed publication.


MSP Success Magazine Feature

Here’s what Neal had to say about being included as an IT thought leader:

“It’s truly an honor for me to be a part of this esteemed magazine, and I’ll be contributing articles throughout the year. My first article, titled ‘How to Blast Past Your Business Goals Using the Power of the Community,’ has just been published. I’m eager to hear your feedback, as it will greatly assist me in fulfilling my role throughout the year.”


Neal’s Article: “Harnessing the Power of the Community for Business Success”

In his article feature, Neal underlines the significant impact that a supportive community can have on achieving extraordinary business success. He highlights the significance of learning from and collaborating with like-minded individuals within the MSP community.

Neal discusses the success of the Technology Marketing Toolkit community’s accomplishments as well as their most recent Sales and Marketing Boot Camp 2023, which served as the venue for the Better Your Best (BYB) competition.

Neal tells the inspiring tale of Adam Spencer, the BYB contest winner who experienced remarkable growth with the support and knowledge gained from the MSP community.

Furthermore, Neal emphasizes the value of the community as a safe space for sharing challenges, receiving encouragement, and fostering collaboration. As well as the importance of compassion, generosity, and knowledge-sharing among peers.

Inspired by these principles, Neal discusses his plan to create an alliance with local competitors to promote mutual growth. He encourages readers to actively engage with their community, leveraging its power to surpass their business goals.

Read the full MSP Success Magazine article featuring Neal Juern.

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Recognition for Neal and Juern Technology

Juern Technology is immensely proud to witness Neal receiving recognition as an IT thought leader in the industry. It serves as a testament to his commitment to assisting the IT community and continually improving for the benefit of our clients. “We are beyond ecstatic to witness Neal’s exceptional leadership receiving the recognition it deserves, and we are truly honored to see Neal’s expertise and vision celebrated in such a remarkable way!” says Isabella Humphries, Marketing Director for Juern Technology.


Other Notable Thought Leadership Appearances

Neal Juern’s thought leadership has been acknowledged in various esteemed platforms. He has been featured in Channel Pro Magazine, where he shared insights and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape. Additionally, Neal was a featured speaker at ThreatLocker’s Zero-Trust World cybersecurity conference, providing invaluable expertise on implementing effective security measures in today’s digital age.


Neal Juern to Continue in IT Thought Leadership

Being featured as a thought leader in MSP Success Magazine is an exciting opportunity for Neal Juern, CEO of Juern Technology. Juern Technology is proud to see Neal’s leadership and expertise recognized by the industry, further solidifying their commitment to serving the IT community and continually improving for their clients. As Neal’s journey as a thought leader unfolds, his contributions will undoubtedly inspire others and foster growth within the MSP community.