Juern Technology is now 7tech

7tech MSSP Cybersecurity Company logo and taglineJuern Technology Is Now 7tech

Juern Technology is thrilled to announce an exciting change, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s growth. As of today, Juern Technology will be officially known as 7tech.

The CEO of Juern Technology, Neal Juern, went live on social media Monday, July 7th, to announce the name change and shared a video diving into the reasons behind the transition.

But before we dive into the details, here’s a short cinematic video for your entertainment to showcase the new name:


New Name, Same Dedication

Juern Technology, now 7tech, may have changed their name, but their commitment to excellence, experienced staff, steadfast leadership, and ownership remain the same.

Clients can expect the same exceptional service and unwavering dedication they have come to associate with Juern Technology.

The decision to change the name reflects their desire to better align their identity and direction with the evolving cybersecurity and technology landscape.


The Significance of 7tech

The new name, 7tech, holds significance in both the modern and ancient world. The number seven carries symbolic meaning, from the seven seas and continents to the seven wonders of the ancient world.

In various cultural and religious contexts, the number seven represents completion, perfection, and rest. 7tech aims to embody these meanings by providing complete solutions to their clients, safeguarding them from cyber threats, and ensuring their technology functions optimally.

Additionally, they aspire to grant their clients peace of mind, allowing them to rest easy, knowing that the dedicated 7tech team works tirelessly behind the scenes.


CEO Neal Juern’s Pride in the Team

Neal Juern, the CEO of Juern Technology, now 7tech, expressed his pride in the team’s growth. Starting as a one-man IT shop 11 years ago, Neal recognizes the complexities of modern cybersecurity and compliance, requiring a larger team to address them effectively. With over 30 employees, the team at 7tech is dedicated to supporting their clients day in and day out.

Cybersecurity remains their primary focus, and with the rebranding, they introduce their new tagline:

Zero Compromise Cybersecurity™

Neal Juern CEO of Juern Technology

“It means two things; we will always advise you to do the right thing and we strive to deliver zero compromises to our client’s systems and their data.”

– Neal Juern, CEO of 7tech


Embracing the Change from Juern Technology to 7tech

7tech encourages clients, vendors, and partners to embrace the new brand during this transition. Changes will be visible across major platforms, including websites and email systems.

To learn more about the reasons behind the name change and its implications, 7tech invites everyone to visit their new website at www.7tech.com. There, Neal Juern dives deeper into the thought process behind the transformation in a video found on the homepage.


Recognizing Valued Clients and Vendors

Client feedback, trust, and support have been instrumental in shaping Juern Technology’s vision for the future. They express their sincere gratitude to clients who have been with them throughout their journey, such as Trinity Real Estate Finance, Valcor Commercial Real Estate, and Eric Terry Law. These long-term partnerships exemplify the high-integrity companies that have believed in Juern Technology, now 7tech, and grown alongside them.

In addition to clients, Juern Technology recognizes top vendors who have provided solutions and coaching, helping them become best-in-class in many areas of the industry. Vendors like Threatlocker, The Marketing Team (TMT), CrewHu, and Datto (a Kaseya company) have played a vital role in their growth and success.


7tech Leads the Way in Cybersecurity

7tech is committed to providing Zero Compromise Cybersecurity™ solutions for the cybersecurity needs of mid-sized U.S. businesses. They specialize in helping businesses with internal IT departments protect their data and stay compliant.

As a trusted MSSP Cybersecurity Company and Managed IT Services Provider since 2012, 7tech is a TRUE Cybersecurity firm that knows how to secure IT systems, not just “make your computers work.”

Their proprietary Cybersecurity Roadmap and CMMC Compliance Program ensure a complete and thorough approach to risk-reducing, compliant cybersecurity solutions.


The Future Is NOW with 7tech

As we celebrate this exciting new chapter with 7tech Cybersecurity, Juern Technology express their gratitude to clients, vendors, and partners. Together, looking forward to a future marked by even greater dedication, excellence, and technological innovation.

What sets 7tech apart from other MSSP Cybersecurity companies is their dedication to delivering best-in-class zero-trust cybersecurity solutions, protecting data, and providing client expertise. With their 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and dedicated USA-based cybersecurity monitoring team, the team at 7tech can protect clients at a much greater scale.

If you need help with cybersecurity or technology at your company, call 7tech to talk to our experts today at (855) 701-6777 and get started on securing your business.