Accountant working on computer

Accountant working on computer

Gone are the days of manually compiling and interpreting data from cumbersome spreadsheets to deliver updates. (And we can’t say we’re sorry to see it go!)

Technology is revolutionizing the accounting industry, plus 82% of accountants say that these tailored cutting-edge innovations foster more meaningful client interactions.

With the right tailored solutions, technology can also enhance your firm’s compliance and security posture. But these are all just the tip of the iceberg. As IT and Cyberscuruty experts we know first hand how ​​IT support for accountants can streamline your entire financial operations.

How To Leverage IT Support for Accounting

Third-party IT support empowers accountants to work smarter and deliver exceptional client services. If you’re considering investing in it, here are some ways it can help your accounting firm:

Streamline Financial Systems

Efficiency is a top strategic priority for 36% of accounting businesses. But it requires more than surface-level financial operation adjustments.

Digitization of paper-based records, for instance, without ​system centralization can scatter your data. You or your accountants would constantly have to waste time searching for the right information. Not only is it unproductive, but it’s also prone to inconsistencies and double-entry errors, resulting in costly financial misstatements.

A well-efficient system requires an in-depth approach to automation and accounting software integration.

Managed IT services for accounting firms can implement robust systems and processes to ensure data integrity and precision throughout your operations. These solutions can help your team extract, cross-check, and validate clients’ data while reducing the likelihood of human errors.

Improve Data Security

Accountants handle sensitive client financial information every day. So, it’s no surprise that 36.22% of CPA firms rank cybersecurity and fraud threats as one of their top concerns. Any downtime or data breach can be disastrous in this fast-paced, data-driven industry.

IT support services offer regular data backup and disaster recovery solutions. At Juern Technology, we provide ongoing assessments and updates to fortify your firm’s defenses against potential threats. These security upgrades include end-point protection, advanced firewalls, encryption protocols, and intrusion detection systems.

Unlike break-fix services, you won’t only get support when something breaks and needs fixing. We bring 24/7 IT support for accountants to ensure business continuity despite unexpected technology issues.

Real-Time Reporting

According to QuickBooks, 93% of accountants believe that real-time financial insights are critical for both business success and survival. Moreover, 8 out of 10 agree that companies using real-time financial insights are more likely to survive a recession.

Why? Because cloud computing enables accountants to monitor key metrics, identify trends, and respond promptly to changes in the financial landscape.

Accounting manager/s, supervisor/s, and staff can all use IT assistance to enable real-time and remote information sharing. No more waiting for emails or searching for the latest version of a document. Everyone on the team has access to an updated single source of truth.

With a dependable managed IT provider, CPAs/accounting firms can leverage real-time data and seamless communication anytime, anywhere. So, they can offer more timely financial advice and better client support.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Man computing invoices

Recent reports find that 32.94% of accounting firms find it challenging to adopt new laws and regulations. They must keep up with tax reporting, industry-specific standards, and data protection laws. Not to mention state and city differences, further complicating compliance requirements.

Fortunately, some IT services for accounting firms now extend to regulatory compliance. Take our COMPLIANCE+ Compliance Package Service for Texas-based companies (covering major cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas).

With our easy-to-navigate compliance program, you and your team can track and manage your compliance activities. You’ll also have access to pre-built policy templates aligned with industry standards, including PCI, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO.

If you still have concerns, rest assured that we provide personalized 1-on-1 guidance. Let our team handle the techy stuff. So, you can focus on your CEO, CFO, or CPA duties without worrying about non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Texas-Based Managed IT Services for Accounting Firms

We know you wear many hats, so let us help you! Incorporating IT for accountants and your firm can transform the way your accounting firm operates. The financial industry is competitive and it’s always nice to have an edge. Position yourself as an industry leader with accounting technology that can advance your systems, client data protection, communication, and legal compliance.

With the right technological support, you can automate tasks and make timely and relevant decisions on time. Clients no longer have to follow up multiple times when they need answers. Your team won’t also have to point fingers at who encoded this, or who adjusted that.

Juern Technology’s IT support for accounting firms has no hidden fees or extra charges for onboarding or offboarding employees. Get 60 days of unlimited support and a money-back guarantee. Learn more here.

Ready to take your accounting business to new heights with our managed IT services for your Houston organization? Call Juern Technology today to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to get started at (210) 245-6900.