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CMMC compliance will be necessary as you work on proposals to win government contracts. Your business needs to be able to handle sensitive information with care, and the only way to prove you can keep your data safe is with the help of a CMMC certification company.  Our team is CMMC certified to help ensure you are compliant and stay in compliance with the latest cybersecurity technology. 

CMMC compliance is a DOD initiative, but it sets a strong standard for how businesses handle sensitive information, so it’s likely to be more and more widely adopted and required for more and more contracts. 

Now is the time to act before you start missing out on big contracts. 

Don’t Lose Your DOD Contracts Just Because You Waited To Get CMMC Certified.

What Industries Have CMMC Compliance Requirements?

Online security is a huge concern for governmental institutions and you need to show them you take it seriously. As an experienced CMMC-certified company, we’ll show you exactly how to do this.

The industries most likely to require CMMC compliance are:

manufacturing worker


construction workers talking


architects working on laptop


electrical contractor working on laptop


recycling plant


demolition worker with jackhammer


This is not an exhaustive list as CMMC certification applies to anyone providing a service to DoD. If your business works in any of these industries and wants to work on government contracts, then it’s likely it will need a CMMC compliance certification.

Juern’s CMMC Certification Service Will Help You Win Contracts

Juern is the leading CMMC certification company in San Antonio and Austin. Since 2012, we’ve been powering major businesses through high-quality IT support and security services. Now we’re taking the lead in helping small and medium-sized businesses nationwide meet their CMMC certification requirements.

When you work with Juern we’ll ensure:

You Stay Up-to-Date with New Regulations and Ensure On-Going Compliance:

We’ll make sure you’re always compliant and ready to land any DOD Contract.   

Provide Enhanced Data Protection:

Our team has been a valued partner for hundreds of U.S. businesses, let us protect your data.

24/7 Support:

You can talk to a real person and get answers to your questions.

As a CMMC-certified organization, we understand what it takes to become CMMC certified and are perfectly placed to guide you through the process.

How Our CMMC Compliance Consultancy Works

When you work with a leading CMMC compliance company like Juern, you’ll work closely with our experts to create a plan that’s personalized to your business. 

1. We consult with you for free.
2. We analyze the gaps in your compliance.
3. We help you identify roles and responsibilities.
4. We guide you through every step of our CMMC compliance checklist.

We’re here to get you certified as quickly as possible while keeping your CMMC compliance costs down.


You don’t have to do this alone. Our goal is to help you complete your mission to be CMMC certified and support your IT service needs. 




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FAQs: CMMC Certification


CMMC is a cybersecurity framework developed by the DoD. It sets out standards for how sensitive information should be handled and provides a certification program for businesses. 


If you want to win DoD contracts (and certain federal contracts) then you need to be CMMC certified. Even if a governmental contract doesn’t explicitly require CMMC certification, being certified is going to give you a better chance of your bid winning. 


You can’t earn CMMC on your own. You have to work with a CMMC certification company and be approved. Each CMMC compliance expert will have their own pricing structure as well as different CMMC services they offer. 

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