IT Services for Healthcare Professionals In Texas

Innovative Healthcare IT Services in Texas

Texas is home to some of the leading healthcare centers in the world. At Juern Technology, we understand the industry’s unique needs and challenges when managing your IT infrastructure.

Introducing our Healthcare IT Services in Texas:

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Patient Care
  • Reduced IT Operating Costs

IT Services For Healthcare

Our healthcare IT services in Texas centers on innovation for your HIPAA compliance and client data needs. We provide cutting-edge healthcare technologies and services within the state of Texas. 

We also offer a wide range of top-notch IT services that are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and caregivers of up to 600 employees. Whether you are a hospital, Clinic, or long-term care facility, we can help you gain a superior level of IT support.

  • Network Management. Healthcare organizations need a reliable and secure network to support their critical applications and services. Our healthcare IT services include network management that involves configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and availability.
  • Managed IT Services. Every company in the medical field deserves a cost-effective healthcare IT support solution to eliminate computer problems, protect data, and make all your technology work the way it’s supposed to. Our experts will handle all of your IT needs, so you can spend your time worrying about what really matters – your patients.
  • Co-Managed IT Services. We’ll work with your internal IT department to tailor your healthcare IT support to your specific needs and goals. Your in-house IT team will retain control of certain IT functions while we handle anything they want to outsource. 
  • Cybersecurity Services. The healthcare industry is a high-value target for cybercriminals due to the patient data’s sensitive nature. Security services are one of the most important elements of IT support for healthcare, protecting organizations from cyber threats, including malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches. This includes managing firewalls, implementing security protocols, next-gen zero-trust solutions, and providing employee training.
  • Data Backup and Recovery. You rely on electronic health records (EHRs) to manage patient data. But don’t fret in the event of a system failure or data loss.  Our data backup and disaster recovery services ensure all data is securely backed up and can be quickly restored.
  • Hardware and Software Support. Your organization uses various hardware and software solutions to manage your operations. We’ll help you ensure they’re properly maintained, updated, and configured to meet your healthcare provider needs.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Services. Your technology systems support patient care, which means any downtime can have serious consequences. Our local help desk services deliver immediate support to resolve issues and minimize downtime.
  • CIO Consulting Services. Get IT consulting services to help your healthcare organization make informed decisions about your technology investments and strategies.
  • Cloud Computing Services. With our cloud services, you can scale easily, secure your data centers better, and save money on IT costs including file storage solutions and application hosting.
  • Mobile Device Management. Mobile devices are handy when it comes to improving patient care and facilitating staff communication. We’ll help you secure these devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables.
  • Remote Access Services. If you use telehealth, then having secure remote access is essential to your organization. We’ll help you ensure patient privacy and data security.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Services. You have to comply with compliance and regulatory requirements, including  HITECH and HIPAA compliance. Get compliance and regulatory services to navigate these requirements and ensure your IT systems and processes are in compliance with applicable Texas laws and regulations.

We Understand the Unique Needs And Challenges Of The Healthcare Industry

IT should be an asset, not a liability for Healthcare Providers.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Enhance productivity with 7tech’s optimization of operational processes.

Streamline Workflow

Achieve smoother processes with our tailored healthcare workflow solutions.

Secure Patient Files and Data

Safeguard sensitive patient records with 7tech’s advanced security measures.

Stay Compliant

Ensure adherence to healthcare regulations with 7tech’s compliance expertise.

4 Reasons To Trust Juern Technology With Your Healthcare IT Services Needs

Fast Response Times

High-Level Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

LOCAL 24/7 Help Desk

Experience in Healthcare IT

Top Healthcare IT Service in Texas

Hackers love to target healthcare professionals. Our full-service healthcare IT solution provider specializes in health IT. We are also a leader in handling the needs of medical facilities. We understand the sophisticated IT and med-tech landscape in Texas, and we bring world-class cyber-sophistication to Texas healthcare offices.

Juern Technology stays up-to-date on the latest healthcare data regulations and legislative landscape in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and other major cities within Texas. You can rest assured that your network is always in compliance. 

You work hard to enrich your patient engagement and their quality of life. We provide around-the-clock monitoring, so if something goes wrong on a Saturday, you won’t have to wait until Monday for support.

Just like you, we focus on preventative care. We’re committed to providing proactive and preventive managed IT services for healthcare. 

Let us be your cyber doctor! We will protect your network and hardware from vulnerabilities. 

Our comprehensive triage health services can quickly address any network or hardware issues. Our goal is to restore them to optimal functionality. 

Focus on healthcare delivery. Improve patient care with the confidence that your technology is healthy, secure, and compliant. Experience our healthcare IT Services in Texas.

healthcare staff working remotely

Doctor working on laptop

Get Started On Your “Prescription For Network Wellness”

Let our Healthcare IT Consulting Services in Texas transform your healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure.

  1. Schedule A Brief Consultation
  2. Customize Your IT Needs
  3. Let Us Handle The Rest

After scheduling a brief consultation and customizing your IT needs with Juern Technology, the next step is to sit back and let our team handle the rest. Our experienced technicians will seamlessly integrate our Texas Healthcare IT Consulting Services into your healthcare operations. Expect round-the-clock monitoring, proactive maintenance, and rapid response to any issues that may arise.

Ready to consider our IT support for healthcare? Book your FREE 15-Minute Consult or give us a call at (210) 245-6900 to learn how we can support your business! Whether you are in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, or other metro areas – our team is here to support your healthcare team. We’re the health IT services in Texas you that you can trust. 

See what our clients say about our computer network services in Texas…

Their Speed and Efficiency Is Tantamount to an Internal,
On-Site Employee

There have been many positives working with Juern. What I received the most feedback on thus far has been the ease of working with Juern personnel. The speed in responses to tickets and professionalism of the staff ranks #1 in what GFC staff appreciate.

As manager of IT for GFC, I have appreciated the diagnoses of system shortcomings, suggestions for resolution and system efficiency and immediate steps to correct.

Having worked with a number of Managed IT companies previously, I can say without hesitation that Juern lives up to its reputation of blending into the company infrastructure in that their speed and efficiency is tantamount to an internal, on-site employee.

Robert Nocito | Juern Technology Robert Nocito Operations Manager
Gomez Floor Coverings
San Antonio, Texas

Juern Technology Made Everything Accessible Anywhere!

Since Juern Technology migrated us to SharePoint we can now access our documents anywhere we have a device connected to the internet.

Thanks to the team at Juern’s cloud computing services, we no longer worry about the constant backups or document failures we used to deal with before. If you’re already using Microsoft products, they can help you painlessly upgrade to SharePoint.

Don’t miss out on better collaboration and ease of use for your employees, hire Juern Technology today and make the most of your Microsoft products.

Ryan Ayotte Assistant Project Manager
The Koehler Company
Seguin, Texas

Personalized, Professional, Customer Service

We are a construction company that works on multimillion-dollar projects, so we really don’t have time for technology problems.  Working with Juern Technology has been great because they give us 24/7 support.

They provide quick response and resolution to problems along with personalized and professional customer service.  It feels like they are part of our company.  I would recommend you choose them for your IT needs, you will not be disappointed.

Stephanie Wade Controller
Arrowhead Precast, LLC.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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