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Their Integrity Is Unmatched

Juern Technology upgraded us to the professional level of IT support that we needed, enabling our remote employees to have all emails, contacts, and calendars sync across all devices and making sure we’re not down during critical work hours.

They respond quickly and don’t nickel and dime us – their integrity is unmatched. I also appreciate that they explain things in non-technical ways (layman’s language) and find solutions that fit our actual needs instead of pushing pricey solutions that are unnecessary.

Very likable people and very easy to work with.

Charlie Malmberg
Partner, Valcor Commercial Real Estate
San Antonio, Texas

Easily and Safely Work From Anywhere, Anytime With Our Fast, Reliable, and Secure Remote Access Solutions for Texas.

Effortlessly Access Your Files From Anywhere.

Remote access solutions for Texas businesses will help you easily manage and access your data from any device, no matter where you are. You’ll be able to manage folder permissions to give employees access to only the files they need, so you can secure sensitive company information. Secure remote access solutions give you the convenience to perform tasks anytime and anywhere.

Instantly Increase Data Security.

Store your company data and desktops in the cloud for instant protection against fires, floods, and other disasters that could destroy your hardware, minimizing the risk of data loss. With outsourced IT services, you’ll also get enhanced security with backup and instant recovery, so you can protect your data at all times and see who is connecting to your data remotely.

Boost Employee Productivity.

Studies show telecommuting actually INCREASES employee productivity, lowers stress levels, and improves retention. The truth is, employees who work from home tend to work more, not less. Because the computer is right there in their home, they will often put in extra hours during the evening and on weekends when they normally would not be able to access the network.

“Like you, we get frustrated by ANYTHING that limits our ability to advance.”

We quickly and safely switched 400 client employees to secure remote access solutions during the pandemic.

We’re the leader in providing SASE-enabled remote network access solutions to keep our client’s data safe.

We’ve invested thousands of dollars to develop the most efficient, streamlined, and productive secure remote access solutions for Texas so you don’t have to.

We were named Top IT Services Firm and Top Cybersecurity Companies by Clutch.

Partnered With Top Zero-Trust Remote Access Security Leader

Our Zero-Trust Secure Remote Access Solutions for Texas

You Can Put Your Confidence in Our Secure Remote Access Solutions and Trust Your Employees Always Have Safe Access to Your Network.

*Employee monitoring included with all secure remote access solutions.

SASE-Enabled VPN Services

A secure internet tunnel with strict security checks giving you remote access to information located on your physical server.

Microsoft 365 Services

Cloud-based email so you and your team can work from anywhere on any device, easily scale up or down, and save on email costs.
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Cloud Computing Services

Move your files to the cloud so you can simplify your IT network, increase productivity, have automatic disaster recovery, and save money on IT costs all while going green.
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Remote Desktop Services

Securely remote into your physical desktop at your office to allow employees to work from home, on the road, or from a remote office.

How It Works:

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It Feels Like They are Part of Our Team

We really like working with their team, they know us and what to fix if there are problems. It feels like they are part of our team.

If you are looking for an outsourced IT services company, hire someone you can trust. We trust Juern Technology!

Cyndi LaFleur
Office Manager, Valcor Commercial Real Estate

San Antonio, Texas

Outpace The Competition And Let Your Employees Ditch Their Commute!

At Juern Technology we know that you want save money on overhead costs, attract and retain better employees, and provide a more flexible workspace. In order to do that, you need to allow your employees to work remotely.

The problem is that the inflexible work options you’re currently equipped to offer make you feel irritated with the limited capacity of your workforce. Like you, we’re frustrated by anything that limits our ability to advance, which is why we quickly and safely switched 400 employees to secure remote access solutions for Texas clients during the pandemic.

Why Juern Technology Is Uniquely Positioned To Help You Go Remote:

We are the leader in providing secure remote access solutions for Texas small to mid-sized businesses. No other IT services company in Austin or San Antonio can touch our quick response times, or our ability to execute smooth cloud migrations.

We were named Top IT Services Firm by Clutch and we’re obsessed with staying on top of the latest advancements in technology to ensure the efficiency of your network. Since 2012, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming a highly-rated IT services company and have partnered with top technology leaders like Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, and others. You may have heard of some of our clients, including Meals on Wheels, Southwest Electrical Contracting Services, Disability Services of the Southwest, Ridout Barrett CPAs, and Valcor Commercial Real Estate.

Our Promise:

Let us help you and we promise to be available to you 24/7 and answer our phones with a local and live technician Monday through Friday from 7 am – 6 pm, meet with you quarterly, be clear and direct, make your technology work the way it’s supposed to, use no “geek-speak”, protect your revenue and reputation, provide proof your network is being backed up, have the “heart of a teacher,” document everything, give you extreme visibility into support tickets, and give you the confidence to grow fearlessly.

Some Current Work-From-Home Statistics:

  • 72% of white-collar workers are continuing to work from home as COVID-19 cases plummet around the U.S.
  • According to, 14% of blue-collar workers, which the organization defines as those with jobs primarily requiring manual work or physical labor, are working from home.
  • “More than seven in 10 workers in such ‘white collar’ jobs have been working from home all or part of the time, in contrast with fewer than two in 10 blue-collar workers,” says Gallup.
  • According to a recent survey of small businesses, nearly 40% of small and medium businesses have or plan to cut down office space and allow employees to work remotely from home to save money.

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Juern Technology is an IT firm based out of San Antonio, Texas providing completely managed (and co-managed) IT services and security to small and mid-size businesses for over 11 years now. Named Top IT Services Firm and Top Cybersecurity Companies by Clutch and specializing in delivering proactive IT support and services to San Antonio and Austin businesses like yours with friendly, knowledgeable techs who put you at ease and resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently. Juern Technology is the leader in hassle-free IT support that delivers the best value, dollar for dollar. No other IT services company in San Antonio can touch our fast response time of 3 minutes or less, personalized service with our local Help Desk, or our ability to deliver technology solutions that keep your projects on track, your remote workers connected, and your data safe. Juern Technology partners with the best most trusted third-party vendors in the industry such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, VMware, datto, and ThreatLocker.