Illuminated images of computer and cloud are connected to denote cyber security

Illuminated images of computer and cloud are connected to denote cyber security

3 Cyber Security Tips in Honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

Every October, our industry recognizes cybersecurity awareness month in hopes of helping both individuals and businesses reduce their cyber risks. 

In this age of technology, everyone needs to be aware of their cyber security measures. Just look at the news to see how widely cybersecurity attacks can rage, impacting everyone from hospitals to households.

From small steps to large cyber security awareness training initiatives, cyber security awareness is more important than ever, which is why we’re committed to helping raise awareness this and every October. 

To aid in this goal, we are sharing three cyber security awareness tips that can help protect your business and your personal information from threats. 


1. Be Suspicious of Links

Most of our emails contain links of some variety. Whether directing you to a sale or enabling you to take advantage of a coupon, you probably don’t spend too much time worrying about the linked content in your email.

But you should. 

Email is the primary way hackers can gain access to your information. By heightening your awareness of links and your organization’s understanding of what phishing attempts look like, you can drastically reduce your chances of falling victim to an attempt to infiltrate your data. 

To help you identify these nefarious attempts, we outline four factors you should assess before following a link.

  • Do the name and email of the sender match?
  • Is the email attempting to gain personal information?
  • Are there misspellings in the subject or body of the email?
  • Are words like “official” used to connote authority?

By being aware of tactics like the four above, you can assess email validity and strengthen cyber security situational awareness. 


2. Use Multi-Factor Authentication Methods

We know it can be a pain but 2FA can often be a big reason hackers are thwarted when it comes to getting access to client information and your financial details. 

While everyone knows the importance of using a variety of passwords for your numerous accounts, you also should consider implementing multi-factor authentication methods. This strategy employs two or more authentication points for users to access secure information and accounts.

The benefits of multiple authentication steps include:

  • Stronger protection against unauthorized users
  • Reduction of fraud risks 

This national cyber security awareness month, protect your people, processes, and places with multi-factor authentication. 


3. Don’t Save Payment Information 

Regardless of how easy it is to save your credit card information across your accounts, resist the urge. 

While this process may simplify your life, it also simplifies the life of hackers who may be trying to gain access to your financial information.

Rather than deal with the complicated logistics of reporting fraudulent charges from stolen information, choose to enter your information online every time. 


Improve Your Cybersecurity Measures This Month

The importance of cyber security awareness cannot be overstated. Every day, malicious groups and individuals gain access to sensitive information through weakened defenses. 

This cyber security awareness month, begin incorporating these three tips into your online practices to fortify your defenses. 

If your organization is looking for additional support and protection, Juern Technology is standing by to meet all of your cyber security services needs. 

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