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Highlights from Cybersecurity Talk with Neal Juern, President and CEO of Juern Technology.

Juern Technology recently visited with the Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners (PBAP) in Midland, Texas about cybersecurity and how not to be a sitting duck.


Highlights from Cybersecurity Talk:

“What is the weakest link? Is it all of our security set up, or is it the people?”  -Neal Juern, Juern Technology

People are the weakest link in cybersecurity

It may or may not surprise you that people are the weakest link in cybersecurity.  Some businesses are giving their employees a lot of power by handing them a computer and not provide any training on cybersecurity.  It’s the equivalent of handing someone a loaded gun without training them on gun safety first.  Without proper cybersecurity training, your company can suffer a fatal shot.

3 cybersecurity best practices

  1. Provide your team with annual security awareness training.  Raising the level of awareness about cyber attacks and data protection can help you avoid taking a hit that you can’t recover from.
  2. Take cybersecurity seriously.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking your business is too small to worry about cybersecurity attacks.  Hackers now have tools to run cyber attacks automatically, looking for vulnerabilities in your system while they sleep.  As soon as they find them, they’re in!  Everyone is a target.
  3. Ensure that your cybersecurity works.  Have a third-party double check and test your cybersecurity defenses for vulnerabilities, even if you trust your current IT company.  It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. Remember the wise words of Ronald Regan, “Trust but verify”.


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