Accessing data remotely over secure remote access

What Every Business Owner Must Know About Remote Access Security

Are you the executive of a small to mid-sized Austin or San Antonio business with remote workers? Or, have you been contemplating offering your employees the chance to work from home? If so, you’ve probably been told that all you need to allow your employees to safely access your company’s computer network via “The Cloud” is a VPN (or virtual private network). Unfortunately, this is NOT the case. 

Your Basic VPN Is NOT Safe.
While a basic VPN can be adequate for personal use, it is not safe enough for a business providing remote access to a large-scale remote workforce. A VPN does not provide the security necessary in a remote access situation due to its lax security, however, a SASE (secure access service edge) does. 


“Not all Cloud Solutions Have Built-in Security, A Zero-Trust Approach Is Critical to Protecting Your Business.”– Neal Juern, President/CEO, Juern Technology

Picture this – you walk in on a Tuesday morning only to discover all your files have been encrypted with ransomware over the long holiday weekend and you’ve already been down for days. You also find out that your network was breached through your unsecured legacy VPN because an employee you recently let go sold their VPN login credentials on the dark web to the highest bidder. The IT provider you hired to protect your data is unable to restore your data because they don’t have working backups of your data like they said they would. And on top of all that, you’re faced with ransom demands, serious downtime, paying fines, lawsuits, loss of reputation, loss of money, possibly the failure of your business, and in the case of the Colonial Pipeline a congressional hearing.

Scary, huh? Luckily, with the demand for safer remote access solutions reaching unprecedented levels in the last year, there’s been an advancement you can implement with the help of your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that will ensure you’re prepared to face the next disaster. Its name: ZTNA, or zero-trust network access, more commonly known as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge).


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You MUST Take A Zero-Trust Approach To Remote Network Access Security
Always keep in mind, it’s NOT the VPNs that are unsafe, it’s YOUR APPROACH to security that will be your downfall. There’s just simply no hope of keeping your network truly safe from devastating data breaches due to remote access errors WITHOUT a robust, zero-trust approach to your cybersecurity. Taking a zero-trust approach by using a SASE fills in the critical gaps that would otherwise be left open to cybercrime with a basic VPN. 

The bottom line: Your basic VPN is just that, basic – like the cup and the string children used to talk to one another between neighboring houses. The line goes directly from point A to point B, leaving the middle open and vulnerable, trusting all users. A more secure ZTNA approach fills in the security gaps a basic VPN leaves exposed to shady cybercriminals. You’ve worked too hard to put your trust along with the fate of your organization in the hands of a simple VPN!

  • VPN – or virtual private network, is a DIRECT tunnel from your remote computer (you) to your data through the internet. You can send OR receive data through this tunnel and any data traveling through a VPN is automatically considered trusted and allowed to travel in the VPN tunnel without checking security.
  • SASE– pronounced “sassy”, is a secure access service edge. Similar to a VPN, SASE is also a tunnel from your remote computer to your data through the internet. The difference between VPN and SASE is, the latter is built with strict security checks, multifactor authentication, and application control. A SASE solution is designed to police every single piece of traffic (good or bad) for proper security clearance before it lets it come in or out of the tunnel to identify and stop cyber threats.
  • ZTNA– zero-trust network access is the practice of using a secure remote access solution, like SASE to safely and remotely access your company’s network.


Startling Remote Access Security Facts and Statistics:

  • The Colonial Pipeline was breached through their VPN.
  • 28% of breaches result from weak remote access security.
  • In cloud environments, 60% of breach investigations can attribute successful social engineering as the cause of initial network access.
  • U.S. CEOs place cybersecurity as their top business worry, including remote access cybersecurity concerns.
  • Cybercrime costs the worldwide economy roughly $450 billion annually.
  • 44% of security professionals rank the cloud as the riskiest emerging technology.

(Facts and statistics provided by Trustwave)


Whether you’ve already set up remote access for your team or are in the process of doing so, you cannot afford to wait for a SERIOUS data breach to occur to assess the security of your remote access solutions. Without the proper zero-trust cybersecurity practices in place, you’re leaving your organization at SERIOUS RISK of a PREVENTABLE data breach, potentially resulting in downtime, loss of money, loss of reputation, lawsuits, fines, and perhaps even its DEMISE. 

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