Neal Juern, President and CEO of Juern Technology was recently asked to participate as one of the judges for the 2019 Annual ASA BBQ Cook-off & Subfest at the Helotes Fairgrounds in Helotes, TX.

This year (and every year) the judges are selected from members of the American Subcontractor’s Association (ASA), San Antonio Chapter. Every May, Hundreds of hungry construction industry professionals gather for an entire day devoted to deliciously smoked meats and raised cholesterol levels.



What Neal Juern Experienced Judging the BBQ Cook-off

What categories did you judge?

“Chicken and Chef’s Choice”

How was the experience?

“It was a fun experience, I enjoyed the social side of it, that was pretty fun.”

“I think two categories is one too many…”

“I wasn’t nearly as good at judging on the second category as I was the first just because I was fatigued by then.”

“I tried to keep all of the sample sizes about the same, but sometimes you just couldn’t cut it right.”

What did you learn?

“I learned when you’re the third one in line it’s hard to be impartial”

“I was trying not to take in other’s opinions but it was hard not to. I was trying not to react to their opinions, it would be better if I couldn’t hear the other judge’s reactions.”

What did you base your voting on?

“They said not to base it on appearance so much but on flavor, so that’s what I did.”

“I tried to make a note of the differences in moistness and tenderness versus just the seasoning…I tried to take all that into account”

Describe your favorite chicken you judged

“The second batch of chicken that came across was my favorite…it’s like it was probably marinated and something rubbed on top as well – it was amazing!”

“I like stuff with a little bit more spice to it.”


This year at the ASA BBQ Cook-Off & Subfest over 50 teams battled over who would take home 1st place in ribs, brisket, chicken, and chef’s choice (formerly known as mystery meat) categories.

Congratulations to all the 1st Place BBQ Cook-off Winners

ASA 2019 BBQ Cook-Off and Subfest first place Winners

Ribs – Texas First Rentals

Chicken – Joeris General Contractors

Brisket – Ridout, Barrett & Company, P.C.

Chef’s Choice – T&D Moravits Concrete Contractors 

Bloody Mary – JR Ramon Demolition (not pictured)


Winners of the BBQ Cook-Off were awarded a plaque and will enjoy bragging rights until they have to defend their titles next year!


Attend the Event Next Year

The American Subcontractor’s Association’s (ASA) annual BBQ Cook-Off & Subfest is held at the Helotes Fairgrounds every year in May. ASA members and their teams sign up to compete in each category and entrance to the cook-off is open to the public. Admission includes a BBQ plate, live auction, raffle prizes and more. You can meet all the contestants and get a taste of some real authentic Texas BBQ. As members of the ASA, Juern Technology will have tickets available for next years cook-off, to learn how you can get your hands on tickets for you, your co-workers, clients or family, call Juern Technology at (210) 320-0400.