Whether or not you’re already outsourcing some or all of your IT, here’s a list of 3 things your team can do internally to prepare your network (BEFORE shopping for a Managed IT Services quote) to save money on IT support and services that most IT consultants overlook or simply won’t tell you about. We know this is undeniably NOT right and you should NOT have to pay for services that add absolutely no value to your bottom line.

With the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, it’s more critical than ever to watch every penny. That’s why we have put together this list of things business owners can do internally to help get the lowest possible quote for IT support. The list below includes three of the most common ways we help small and mid-sized businesses in San Antonio and Austin get the superior IT support and services they need at a price they can afford.

Are you risking your company’s reputation and revenue with a jumble of patch-work technology pieced together like an old quilt? A “Frankenstein” monster lumbering along. Nothing matches, nothing works as efficiently as it should and the entire IT system is awash in inefficiencies, duplicate and redundant resources and outdated technologies? Then, this is the perfect opportunity for you to start tidying up your network to lower your total cost of ownership and take back control of your IT investment.

Many companies we’ve audited have networks that have been left unchecked since the day they were created, allowing revenue to be unintentionally “stolen” from their organization through undisciplined planning and data management, needless subscriptions and accounts, “maverick” spending, and neglecting to retire obsolete devices, software, and services just to name a few. Here’s a list of 3 ways you can prepare your network to get the lowest possible IT support quote for your business:

  • Archive Old Files/Data: One of the biggest expenses for IT Support is the cost for backing up the data that resides on your servers. We find that most San Antonio and Austin businesses have never looked through their historical data to see what can be archived or deleted. Most of the time, there is a fair amount of data that does not need to be accessible on a day-to-day basis and can be stored on a server that is safely isolated from your network and internet connection. Keep in mind that the archival server is not being backed up, monitored, and secured, however, it is still safe to store data this way if it is isolated from the rest of your network.
  • Audit Your Microsoft 365 Subscription: We have been able to lower IT costs for our clients by carefully auditing their Office 365 subscription to ensure they are not paying for services they do not need. Here’s how we do it:
    • We Help Them Pick The Right Plan For Their Needs: There are multiple plan levels to chose from when subscribing to Microsoft 365. It is critical for your bottom line to select the plan that best fits your organization’s specific requirements. Some things you should consider when choosing the right plan include whether or not you already have Microsoft OS licensing and deciding if you need ALL the Microsoft apps and if you need them accessible from anywhere or just on your desktop.
    • We Eliminate Unneeded User Accounts: Money-sucking, old user accounts from former employees tend to hang around much longer than intended, costing businesses a considerable amount of money. Audit existing accounts to eliminate unneeded/unwanted users from your subscription.

Because there are so many things to consider, we recommend you consult an IT professional when considering your subscription and user options.


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  • Retire Old Computers/Devices: When you outsource IT support and services from a Managed IT Services Provider, they will typically charge you a flat fee to monitor and support each computer or device connected to your network. Since this number directly effects the price you pay for IT support monthly, it’s critical to have an updated list of computers and devices that are actually needed. Avoid throwing money away on fees to monitor and support computers or devices that are obsolete, not in use, or no longer in working order.

If you take these steps to ensure you have a tidier network simply by reviewing your current data, services, and devices you could save an average of 15% to 20% off your IT costs. If you need assistance assessing your network, give Juern Technology a call today at (210) 245-6900 or visit us online at https://www.juerntech.com/15-minute-discovery-call/ to book a brief, 15-minuite initial consultation. On this initial call we will discuss your specific needs, any concerns you have and, of course, answer any questions you have about us. If you feel comfortable moving ahead, we’ll schedule a convenient time to conduct our proprietary 27-Point IT Systems Assessment. (No cost. No obligation.)

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Their Integrity is Unmatched

As a fast-growing commercial real estate firm, we needed an IT company that could keep up with our growth. Juern Technology upgraded us to the professional level of IT support that we needed, enabling our remote employees to have all emails, contacts, and calendars sync across all devices and making sure we’re not down during critical work hours.

They respond quickly and don’t nickel and dime us – their integrity is unmatched. I also appreciate that they explain things in non-technical ways (layman’s language) and find solutions that fit our actual needs instead of pushing pricey solutions that are unnecessary.

Very likable people and very easy to work with.

Charlie Malmberg | Juern Technology Charlie Malmberg Partner
Valcor Commercial Real Estate
San Antonio, Texas