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What is Distracted Driving?

GPS Tracking, Distracted Driving Policy

Distracted driving is driving while doing ANYTHING else other than focusing on driving.

Some examples include driving while using a device (even hands-free), talking on the phone, texting, listening to music, riding with distracting passengers, eating, applying make-up, shaving, having an intense conversation or argument, fatigue, anger…You get the idea.

You know that feeling when your driving and the car in front of you is swerving lanes? You just HAVE to pull up next to them to see what the heck they’re doing (but really it’s to give them your deepest look of disapproval).  And as you drive off smugly you get a text notification. Obviously, you text back. because you’re not one of those people who doesn’t get back to their text messages right away.  But It’s ok when you do it because you’re being careful, right?  Most of us are guilty of distracted driving. If you’re thinking you’re better than other people because you can “multi-task”. Think again – Multi-tasking is a myth.


The Cell Phone Law in Texas – Texas law states that you cannot use hand-held phones while driving in school zones or when driving under the age of 18. There is currently no ban on hand-held phones but texting while driving is illegal for all drivers. For more information about distracted driving in your state visit: https://www.ghsa.org/index.php/state-laws/issues/distracted%20driving


Distracted driving multitasking

Multi-tasking is a myth.

This might frustrate you because, for years now, you’ve been swearing up and down that you’re a highly-skilled multi-tasker only to find out it’s an impossibility.

Recent neuroscience research tells us that the brain does not perform tasks simultaneously and the best we can hope for is “switch-tasking”. The brain goes through a start/stop process when switching tasks that often ends up costing us valuable time when trying to do two things at once.

Pro tip: To be more efficient, try focusing on one task at a time and give more importance to prioritizing your tasks.


Distracted driving costs raise insurance premiums an average of 15-20% and cause loss of productivity for businesses with employees who use company vehicles.


GPS Tracking Can Cut Your Distracted Driving Costs by 50%

By installing GPS tracking on all of your company vehicles you can monitor the safety and productivity of your entire workforce.  Favorable employees love GPS trackers because it tells them how great their driving is and how efficient they’re work is.  Other employees might complain because they don’t like being monitored and can no longer take those nice afternoon naps in the company car with the a/c blasting.  Having a GPS tracking system and a clear distracted driving policy in place can save your company crucial time and money. The best part is GPS tracking systems quickly pay for themselves!

 Juern Technology GPS Tracking for business

10 Money-Saving Reasons to Get GPS Tracking for Your Company Vehicles

  1. Dramatically increase employee safety
  2. Track where your workers go and when
  3. Know where your workers stop along their route
  4. Track where your workers are on their routes and for how long
  5. Save on losses to your business
  6. Prove the collision wasn’t your fault in court
  7. Find stolen equipment and vehicles
  8. Cut down on wasted company time
  9. Access recorded video, photos and live video feed
  10. Run your business quicker with higher productivity


80% of accidents involving company vehicles, are caused by “the other guy”.


Case Study:

This Business Owner Could Have Avoided a 1 Million-Dollar Lawsuit If Only He Had Invested in GPS Tracking

In a recent conversation, a retired San Antonio construction company owner gave us a great example of why it’s a good idea to have video and photographic evidence when a company vehicle is involved in a collision.  The story concerns an employee who was rear-ended by “the other guy” on his way home from a job-site while driving a company car.  Because the construction company did not have GPS tracking, they did not have access to video recordings, photos, or statistics on “hard brakes” made in the damaged vehicle that could help them prove their innocence.  Now, this construction company finds itself in a million-dollar lawsuit that could have possibly been avoided with the assistance of strong photographic evidence. The same retired business owner also shared a story with us about a friend who had an 80 thousand-dollar backhoe stolen from a job site that was immediately recovered thanks to GPS tracking.


Safety is the Number One Concern

Workplace safety cannot be overlooked or undervalued in any organization, your people are your most valuable assets to protect.  For some industries, like construction, the safety risk is so high that safety becomes a way of life. Any loss of life is immeasurable and intolerable. If you’re unsure what your safety responsibilities are, find a good insurance broker in your area who can help you develop a distracted driving program for your organization.


Protect Your Business With a Company-Wide
Distracted Driving Policy

5 Steps to an Effective Distracted Driving Policy

  1. Create a practical company distracted driving policy
  2. Ensure company-wide compliance of the policy (done easily by using GPS Tracking)
  3. Frequently train employees on policy
  4. Promote policy
  5. Get a Distracted Driving insurance policy


So, Is Distracted Driving Costing YOUR Business Money?

If you’ve ever:

  1. Been sued for a car accident involving a company vehicle
  2. Wonder where your workers are and why it takes them so long to get to where they’re going
  3. Or had an equipment/vehicle stolen from a job site or business

Then distracted driving is most likely costing your business time and money.

ANY Business that has employees who drive company vehicles is at risk.


Are you a Juern Technology client who wants to learn more about GPS tracking? Give us a call today at (210) 320-0400. We would be happy to help you find a GPS service that fits your business.