As a business owner or executive, it’s safe to say the success of your company is a top priority. All the long hours and never-ending hard work you’ve put into making your business a success needs to be protected before a crisis can swoop in and destroy it all. This means preparing your computer network properly BEFORE disaster strikes, saving your organization from costly downtime and potentially devastating data loss from which it may never fully recover. The question is, how prepared is YOUR business for the next disaster? We’ve put together a list of 3 easy ways to help you disaster-proof your network.


Are You Prepared For The Next Disaster?
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3 Easy Ways To Help You Better Protect Your Company’s Network:

There are various types of potential disasters that could harm your business including office flood or fire, a natural disaster, hardware failure, data loss, data corruption, or malicious malware and ransomware, just to name a few.


  1. Backup Your Data Remotely. Always, always, always maintain a recent copy of your data off site, on a different server, or on a storage device. Onsite backups are good, but they won’t help you if they get stolen, flooded, burned or hacked along with your server. Having a redundant remote data backup solution is what’s going to truly protect your company’s computer network from data loss and corruption in the event of a disaster that’s why we offer this service to our clients and are committed to keeping their valuable data safe and secure and out of harm’s way remotely.

                Some Further Things To Consider:

 – Could Cloud Computing Be Right For Your Business? – Thousands of businesses are trading in their overblown, traditional computer equipment for virtualized desktops and cloud-based servers to save on costs (by eliminating the need for expensive server  upgrades and allowing you to use cheaper devices), to gain the ability to access their data from anywhere and from any device, and because of the built-in disaster recovery and business continuity cloud computing provides. An IT professional can help you determine  if moving to “The Cloud” is right for your business.

– Test, Test, Test! – A high percentage of businesses rarely test their backups (if at all)! If you are going to go through the trouble of disaster-proofing your network, then at least hire an IT professional to run a test once a month to make sure your backups are working and your system is secure. After all, the worst time to test your parachute is AFTER you’ve jumped out of the plane.


  1. Physically Protect Your Hardware. It is also important to keep the physical hardware in your office safe and in working order. It needs to be stored in a secure area, lifted completely off the ground. If your office gets flooded, having your equipment off the floor will prevent it from being completely destroyed. Server racks can be purchased and installed very inexpensively making them an affordable and easy solution. If you do not want to have to worry about keeping your physical hardware safe from an office-disaster, you should consider cloud computing. Moving your critical server equipment to the cloud can protect your network no matter what state your office is in!


  1. Use A Quality Surge Protector With An Uninterruptible Power Supply. A high-quality surge protector combined with an uninterruptible power supply battery backup will go a long way in protecting sensitive electronic equipment in your office from power surges and other electronic irregularities that can destroy your computer’s circuitry or cause data loss and corruption. Although this type of equipment is no replacement for a backup power supply such as a generator, at the very least if can help you keep internet service in the event of an extended power outage or allow enough time for your hard drive to carry out an automatic shutdown, potentially saving any work you had currently been trying to complete.



“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Now that you’re armed with 3 easy ways to disaster-proof your company’s network, you’re one step closer to ensuring your company can survive – and even thrive! – when disaster strikes. Planning is the key to ensuring your business continues to function and remain profitable when faced with a crisis. Hopefully these measures never have to be tested in a real disaster but, if the time does come, you’ll be VERY glad you had the foresight to disaster-proof your company’s network, ensuring your data is protected and your business can stay up and running.


Want Help Implementing These 3 Easy Ways To Disaster Proof Your Network?

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