Whether you’ve had employees working from home since the onset of the pandemic or you’re planning on allowing them to do so over the holidays, cybersecurity is still crucial to the protection of your organization’s data, and you MUST remain vigilant when accessing that data while out of the office. The landscape of what working looks like has changed DRASTICALLY in the last couple of years and, with it, hackers have become more of threat than ever before. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 ways you and your employees can be cyber smart and keep the company’s IT network safe while working from home this holiday season—or anytime!

Top 9 Things You MUST Do When Working From Home:

  1. Be HIGHLY suspicious of all emails. Hackers have gotten very sophisticated in their phishing attacks, and they get more sophisticated with every passing day. Not only should you be checking all email addresses and links in emails carefully to make sure they are truly coming from a trusted sender, you need to hover above all links before clicking on them to make sure they go where they say they go. Don’t let cybercriminals outsmart you with their sneaky social-engineering tactics! Stay informed, find out the Top 5 Essential Cybersecurity Awareness Tips For Your Employees To Protect Your Network From Disaster
  2. Use strong, secure passwords. Easy-to-guess logins and reusing common passwords are things almost all of us are guilty of. Strong, secure passwords, like those created by a password generator, are an easy way to keep your credentials off the dark web. You can easily keep track of all your many unique passwords with the help of a password manager, like LastPass or DashLane. Related: Passwords: You’re Doing It Wrong
  3. Secure your home WiFi. Make sure you’re using a unique password for your router (not the one that comes on the box), and do not connect IoT (Internet of Things) devices—such as smart-home products—to the main WiFi. IoT devices should be on a guest WiFi with limited data access.
  4. Enable 2FA for everything – it will save you. Let’s assume for a moment that you did click on a link in a phishing email and provide your login credentials to cyber criminals… even though the hacker has your username and password, they would not be able to login if you have 2FA enabled. We suggest you turn on 2 factor authentication for everything that offers it because we’re all human, and even the most informed employee could be duped by a well-constructed phishing or spear phishing attempt. Find out why this business wished they had 2FA turned on here: Hackers Are Counting On You To Forget 2FA For This Phishing Scam
  5. Don’t log on to public WiFi while accessing company data. Public Wi-Fi connections offer no protection from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, meaning utilizing them to access sensitive company data could open the door wide open to costly data breaches. Do NOT gamble with the safety of your own personal or organization’s sensitive data!
  6. Use a SASE-enabled VPN. If working remotely through a VPN, it is best to access company data while using a SASE enabled VPN connection. While many people realize a VPN is important for safe web browsing, a SASE-enabled VPN takes safety to the next level with its Zero-Trust approach to cybersecurity. This type of secure connection will keep important company, client, and employee data safe from hackers no matter where you access it from. Find out why your VPN isn’t enough without a SASE here: What Every Business Owner Must Know About Remote Access Security
  7. Lock your computer when you walk away. You may be thinking, “What does it matter whether my computer is locked or not while I’m at home?” Believe us, it matters! Even though you are at home, you still need to be vigilant and utilize best practices when it comes to keeping company data safe. If you have little ones or pets, an accident (potentially a devastating one) could happen in a split second if the wrong link is clicked, or the wrong file deleted. It is better to be safe than sorry—lock your computer EVERY time you step away from it!
  8. Don’t allow others to access your work devices. Human error is inevitable, and you cannot guarantee what others may be up to on your devices. This is why you should err on the side of caution and say “no” to lending out any company owned device or even personal devices that can access private company data.
  9. Just be aware. Phishing is still a top way cyber-attackers get private data as this attack method relies on human error. Stay extra vigilant and skeptical of all websites and emails—especially those asking for your username and password. Human error remains the #1 cybersecurity threat to every business and the only way to keep these errors to a minimum is through ongoing cybersecurity awareness training and hypervigilant attention to detail when reading emails and clicking links. Related: Why Your Antivirus Is Useless Against The #1 Security Threat To Your Business

“You are an essential ingredient in our ongoing effort to reduce Security Risk.” ― Kirsten Manthorne

There are many, many advantages to having a remote workforce, however, new cyber-threats come are inevitable with offering flexible remote work options for your employees. When you take the proper precautions, you can have the best of both worlds—happy, productive employees that can work from ANYWHERE on ANY device, AND an IT network that is safe and secure. With the above tips, ongoing cybersecurity training for all employees, and secure remote access solutions, your employees can easily and safely work remotely, and you can rest easier knowing all that you’ve worked so hard for is TRULY protected.


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