All Texas business owners, and C-level executives we talk to want their business to be successful and need ways to ensure their success in the face of many variables that are difficult to control – one being employee productivity. Companies need productive employees to stay profitable. However, many studies show the average employee only stays productive about 50 to 60 percent of the time (at most).

“growing companies are always looking for how they can do more with less. With escalating prices on so many everyday products and services, it is more important than ever that we use technology as a hedge and a way to stay even or get ahead of the competition. The key to this is technology alignment. Our technology solutions tend to grow organically without much planning. Working smarter means doing a technology audit and finding what is dragging you down and what can be improved to gain efficiency.”

– Neal Juern, President/CEO, Juern Technology

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Employee productivity was a huge concern even before working remotely became the norm and it is even more important now that flexible work-from-home options are necessary to retain top talent. Now that most businesses have enabled their employees to work from home, distractions are everywhere with no signs of slowing down, and you need new ways to boost efficiency. On top of worrying about employees doing too little, you also have to worry about them doing too much and burning out faster, leading to higher turnover, a decrease in productivity and quality of work, and low company morale.

As a business leader, it might feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, but you still want to make sure that your business is doing whatever it can to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiencies that waste effort and time. To do that, you must provide your team with the right tools they need for success. Now, there are a LOT of apps and websites out there made specifically to help your business increase productivity, and we’ve made a list of 5 of the best:

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5 Business Tools To Increase Productivity – And Profitability!

SharePoint – Do you wish you could just have access to any file at any time from anywhere you work? With SharePoint, small and medium-sized businesses can store files in the cloud so you and your team can work seamlessly. Set file permissions for employees to access only the files they need, and easily increase or decrease your storage needs as you scale up or down. Plus, you can finally get rid of that expensive server in your closet that’s costing you money to monitor, manage and replace. Even if you have a legacy application, you may be able to ask your IT company to host it for you on their server to make it “cloud-based.” And With “more than 60 percent of SharePoint seats now online” according to Microsoft, businesses really see the value of SharePoint in Office 365.

“More than 250,000 organizations and over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies now have SharePoint as part of Office 365.” – Microsoft

“In the last year, usage of SharePoint has grown 90 percent, content stored has grown 300 percent and more than 10 million new SharePoint sites have been created.” – Microsoft

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Asana – Do you have a myriad of projects you work on with your team that are recurring, complex, and sometimes difficult to manage? Do you need to remember A TON of information about critical processes in your business, and keep in-depth notes on important steps? If you need help managing your team, assigning tasks and recurring tasks, keeping projects on track, or documenting processes with detailed notes so they can be improved over time, then Asana can be a game-changer for your business. Streamline your projects and never forget a step with a project management tool like Asana.

Vade Secure -Declutter your O365 inbox and filter out unwanted emails that are distracting you from your workday without worrying about missing important messages. Vade Secure email filtering will conveniently auto-sort your emails into categories to help you stay organized. With more than 70% of all emails being filtered out as spam or malicious you can boost productivity company-wide. Click here if you’re worried Unproductive Employees Could Be Costing Your Company Money.

Slack or Teams – Save time communicating with your team with a business collaboration app that allows you to be in constant contact with your staff, all in one private (and searchable) space! Communicating is easier when you can easily share files, images, and messages across your organization while keeping records of all communication so nothing falls through the cracks. It’s safer than email, better than texting, and way more efficient than walking down the hall to ask a question.

LastPass – If you are still saving your passwords to your browser, writing down your passwords on sticky notes, or reusing passwords for multiple websites, you are practicing bad password management and leaving your accounts at risk to hackers. A password manager can help you secure your passwords, create strong and unique passwords for every site you log into to access company data, and auto-fill your login credentials for quick and easy login to all your websites and apps. Stop wasting time trying to come up with your own secure passwords, let a password manager generate and remember all your passwords for you. Ask your Managed IT Services Provider what password manager they include with their services. Click here to learn more about Passwords: You’re Doing It Wrong


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