Computer connecting to the cloud to display virtual desktop services


Computer connecting to the cloud to display virtual desktop services

How to Use Virtual Desktops to Increase Productivity

Are you searching for strategies to improve collaboration and productivity at your organization?

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-faceted entity, the past two years have definitely taken a toll on employee morale and, in some cases, productivity.

While these challenges may, at times, seem insurmountable, there are actionable tools and strategies you can enact to increase both productivity and collaboration.

In this post, we explore how a cloud computing service like virtual desktops can help both in-person and remote employees feel more connected and more collaborative, ultimately yielding increased productivity.

Read on to learn how.


What Are Virtual Desktops?

Before we dive into the multitude of benefits of virtual desktops, let’s answer the question: what are virtual desktops?

Virtual desktops are computing platforms with multiple tools and apps that allow multiple access points.

These secure platforms enable individuals to collaborate through a single source, fostering communication, collaboration, and coworking, regardless of location.

Scalable and secure, virtual desktops can completely change the way your employees see work today, all while setting you up for success tomorrow.


What Are the Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

While the benefits of virtual desktops are many, we’re going to focus on those that specifically improve employee productivity. Below, we explore the three biggest ways virtual desktops will change the way your employees work.

Increased Mobility

Whether your business is comprised of a remote workforce, in-person, or a hybrid mix of employees, virtual desktops offer superior mobility. When your employees can work everywhere, anywhere they don’t have to worry about lugging all of their planners and notes with them—the virtual desktop offers secure whenever, wherever access.

As we move toward an even more remote-friendly work future, having this virtual desktop infrastructure in place positions your organization as an innovative leader, attracting talent and offering a desirable work environment.

Improved Access

With a centralized platform and portal, our employees can access all of your tools and files with the click of a button. Rather than dealing with non-centralized material, virtual desktops foster collaboration through shared virtual workspaces and sites, ensuring seamless collaboration and eliminating steps to project completion.

Increased Collaboration

Nothing boosts productivity levels like collaboration.

Virtual desktops help your team members collaborate through simple, built-in workflows and seamless processes. With a single platform, redundant processes are eliminated and workflows are standardized throughout every step of your creation process.

In short, when your team can collaborate better, they can do more.


Are Virtual Desktops Safe?

Given the centralized nature of the virtual desktop infrastructure, virtual desktops are even safer than traditional desktops. If an issue arises, mitigations can be immediately deployed, updating and protecting all virtual desktops at once.

This same rule applies to configuration changes—given the virtual nature of the environment, if a threat is interacted with, the session can be eliminated and a new virtual desktop created.


How to Use Virtual Desktops to Increase Productivity Conclusion

In addition to offering your employees a collaboration solution that yields increased productivity and decreased complex workflows, virtual desktops can grow with you, helping your business move to its next natural phase.

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