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Strategically choosing the holiday weekend to deploy their attack, hackers used a single product (VSA) of a software company to gain access to as many as 1,500 businesses worldwide according to the software company at the epicenter of this attack. Even if this isn’t the largest hack ever recorded, It will likely change the future of how businesses think about protecting their company’s IT network forever.

It all came down to a zero-day software vulnerability. That is how the bad actors, affiliates of Russian-linked ransomware gang REvil used U-S-based software company, Kaseya, as a back door to hundreds of unsuspecting businesses in spite of their best attempts to protect themselves from ransomware. In a recent interview, CEO of Kaseya, Fred Voccola rightfully shared the quote “even the best defense gets scored on,” because it’s not a matter of if a business will get attacked, but when. And in this case, the breached software company was able to contain the breach because of the way they compartmentalize their own systems and layer their architecture.

Kaseya, sells IT management software tools to Managed IT Services Providers (MSP) helping them to remotely monitor and manage the security and performance of networks for other businesses. Once the hacker group gained access to the IT provider’s accounts with Kaseya, they proceeded to access hundreds of downstream customer IT networks and encrypt their data, many businesses have no doubt been forced to shut down operations.

“As widely reported, nation-state hackers have succeeded in attacking IT companies and using their tools to run ransomware on their customers. This was reported to be a supply chain attack, but that was incorrect. The hackers exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the Kaseya VSA software and then weaponized the IT tools to run the ransomware. This just amplifies the need for zero-trust security. More layers have to be added and less trust allowed to stop these attacks.” 

– Neal Juern, President/CEO of Juern Technology


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How Can Attacks Like The Kaseya Hack Be Prevented?

Simply put, by adding MORE security layers. The scary truth is, the IT industry is not regulated (yet), and as a business owner, you are forced to trust that the IT provider you hired to protect your data is doing everything they possibly can to protect your organization’s most valuable asset – your data. Unless your Managed IT Service Provider specializes in cybersecurity and provides you with zero-trust security using next-gen cybersecurity software and practices, your business is low-hanging fruit for attacks like this one.

Zero-trust security is an approach to protecting an IT network that relies on 24/7 proactive security monitoring, carefully placed permissions and components, whitelisting, ringfencing, redundancy, layering security, and let’s be honest…a heightened sense of paranoia. What you need to look for, is an MSP who is also a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), and who has dedicated staff working on constantly monitoring and improving security practices.


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