Man in construction hat holds rolled up plans in front of developing train tracks

Man in construction hat holds rolled up plans in front of developing train tracks3 Benefits of Construction IT Support and IT Services For Construction

While the term IT services may conjure abstract images of the cloud and data, IT services can have some real impact in tangible industries like construction. 

From smarter processes to cost-saving measures, construction IT services can help your company differentiate itself in a competitive market, all while making your workers’ lives easier. 

Let’s explore why you can’t afford NOT to consider construction IT support and IT services for construction, as well as the three biggest associated benefits. 

Why Construction IT Support and IT Services for Construction? 

Even if you built your company through pen and paper estimates, the days of the hand-drawn plan are over. 

As the city continues to grow and technology continues to evolve, so must your practices. 

And as you incorporate more and more technology into your construction business functionality, you need IT services to support that technology and ensure all is running smoothly and safe from hackers.

However, hiring an internal team can be costly, both in terms of time and money. 

For owners considering managed IT services for construction, the benefits far outweigh any potential negatives. Below we explore the three biggest benefits of IT support for construction. 

Their Speed and Efficiency Is Tantamount to an Internal,
On-Site Employee

There have been many positives working with Juern. What I received the most feedback on thus far has been the ease of working with Juern personnel. The speed in responses to tickets and professionalism of the staff ranks #1 in what GFC staff appreciate.

As manager of IT for GFC, I have appreciated the diagnoses of system shortcomings, suggestions for resolution and system efficiency and immediate steps to correct.

Having worked with a number of Managed IT companies previously, I can say without hesitation that Juern lives up to its reputation of blending into the company infrastructure in that their speed and efficiency is tantamount to an internal, on-site employee.

Robert Nocito | Juern Technology Robert Nocito Operations Manager
Gomez Floor Coverings
San Antonio, Texas

Construction IT Services Yield More Accuracy 

When you opt to employ IT support for construction, you gain automated processes that remove the likelihood of human error, reducing duplicative work and ensuring better outcomes across the board. 

Between moves from site to office and everywhere in between, information has a tendency to get lost. 

Construction IT Services Save You Money 

Hiring an in-house IT team is a cost most business owners don’t want to take. If this sounds like you, construction IT support and IT services for construction may be your ideal solution. 

Using managed It services in your construction business also means we’re your growth partner. You don’t have to worry about upgrading each platform or service, you tell us what you need and we’ll make sure we provide the support you need. 

When you contract with an IT support for a construction provider, you not only save money, but you also save yourself headaches. With 24/7 monitoring and responsive support, you can focus on what really matters: Building your business. 

Construction IT Services Meet Your Needs 

When you partner with a managed IT support construction provider, you gain a partner with industry expertise who can help you identify inefficiencies and solve them with integrations. 

These include:

  • Various accounting software options 
  • Conduct bids and estimates
  • Build contracts on the go or in-office
  • Create sales reports 
  • Automatic material and labor order
  • Simple marketing tools 

These are three big benefits that not only take the burden of IT management off of you and your company but also allow you to stress less and do more, enabling you to grow your business.

They Made the Transition Very Smooth

As a construction company in the fastest growing city in the United States (San Antonio, TX) we are very busy meeting our project deadlines.  We had some downtime due to viruses with our previous IT company, so we were concerned about the transition to a new provider.

We decided to trust the Juern Technology team and they made the transition very smooth; they are very responsive.  The technical knowledge of their team is fantastic.  Their staff takes the extra effort to communicate in laymen’s terms, so they explain things in a way that non-techie people can understand.

Paul Brennan Previous CFO
NAPCO Precast, LLC.
San Antonio, Texas

Construction IT Services From Juern Technology

Whether you’re a general contractor or in a niche space, construction IT support and IT services for construction can greatly help you improve your business for today and tomorrow. 

At Juern Technology, we are American Subcontractor Association members and work with some of the best builders in the business, like Alpha Building Corporation, Cude Engineers, Napco Precast, and VA Electrical Contractors, so you know you’re in great hands. Ready to learn more? Book a FREE 15-Minute Consult or give us a call at (210) 245-6900 to learn how we can support your business!