COVID-19 is still changing the way we think and work. Now that working from anywhere on multiple mobile devices is the norm, business owners are worried about running into security and productivity issues that could slow businesses like yours down. Mobile devices can easily be compromised and that is a HUGE risk to your business. Here are 2 of the top reasons you need to get mobile device management (MDM) for your business if you have given or plan to give employees the ability to access company data and systems with mobile devices.


The 2 Top Reasons You Need Mobile Device Management For Your Business:


  1. To Prevent Loss of Data. Mobile devices need to be secured and managed just like computers. Data breaches due to a compromised lost or stolen device can result in devastating data loss, government fines, lawsuits, legal fees, loss of reputation, and even the loss of your business in some cases. With Mobile Device Management Services, a Managed IT Services Provider can not only help you wipe software from lost or stolen devices, disabling the device, and erasing any and all sensitive data remotely. They can also help you backup everything you’re erasing, as well as make sure all MOBILE devices, including laptops and tablets, so you can quickly restore the data.One of the fastest ways cybercriminals access networks is by tricking unsuspecting users to download a virus or other malware by embedding it within downloadable files, games, videos, or other “innocent”-looking apps to steal sensitive information. Another not-so-innocent way to get malware on mobile devices is by visiting sketchy websites and downloading “pirated” content containing spyware or other types of malicious code. With MDM you can restrict employees from downloading unauthorized software or files to prevent a devastating data breach.

    The security of your organization’s network should be your top priority and it is critical to stay on top of updating your company mobile device’s security settings. As an employer, you can have your Managed IT Services Provider remotely monitor and manage your employees’ devices to ensure they are being updated, backed up, and secured.


  1. To Prevent Loss of Productivity. Many Austin and San Antonio business leaders are taking a closer look at how productive and efficient their new remote workforce is. Loss of productivity due to distracted and unmotivated employees working from home, on-site, or at a remote office can end up costing your business thousands of dollars. With the right Mobile Device Management Services for your business, you can deploy software on company devices that gathers data on activity like what applications employees are using, how long applications are being used for, and when they were used on company devices to increase productivity.If you’re an employer who wants to monitor productivity and make sure employees aren’t just doing the minimum to get by, wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks, or distracted by streaming their favorite show while working, then you need a mobile device management solution for your business.


We know you want to be a CEO and business leader who can breathe easy knowing you have complete control over the security of all devices accessing company data. To do that, you need a mobile device management solution to give you the ability to provide secure remote access on mobile devices for your team so they can work from anywhere at any time without putting your business’s precious data in danger. The issue for employers is, remote access and mobile computing leaves your IT network exposed to cyber threats and you can’t help but get anxious and worry about how to properly protect the company while your employees access the company’s network on mobile devices. We believe technology should be safe, versatile, and should NEVER hold you back. Getting left behind is no fun. That’s why we’ve spent over 9 years developing the most efficient, responsive, and powerful Mobile Device Management Services solution for your organization’s mobile devices, so you don’t have to.


Want Help In Implementing A Mobile Device Management Solution?

If your business is in the Austin or San Antonio metro areas, have at least 30 computers, and if you are concerned about employees and the dangers inherent in mobile and cloud computing, then call us about how we can implement a mobile and cloud security and monitoring system for your business.

Our process involves documenting all the mobile devices accessing your network, documenting what cloud applications your organization uses AND determining an appropriate backup for the data stored on third-party platforms. We’ll also help you implement a mobile device policy, educate your employees on how to “stay safe” online, and put critical security and backup services in place so you don’t have to worry about data loss or unauthorized access to your company’s network.

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